31 March 2006

KEGS Film Competition 2006.

Today was the day of the Film Comp showing. So basically this took up part of the morning. It went really well, much better than expected. The DVD worked fine (thank God, or else I would probably be dead right now), there prizes were there and the trophies looked superb. There was one thing though, Scam forgot to thank Thurston (although he did realise it later...). I did go to a bit of Maths, although didn't get much done. French was spent worrying about the impending speaking test. Tech was doing a bit more research on these alarms.

The final assembly was weird. Durham (or Lord Durham?) got a standing ovation (while wearing a cape) and so did Sparrow. There was also a rousing rendition of 'Jerusalem' to end the term. I dunno why but it doesn't feel much like a holiday. I need to do loads of revision and also the exams are creeping up quickly. I'm going to start worrying again now...


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