08 April 2006

Good Easter, Bad Easter, High Easter, Low Easter.

Here's my version of the second day of the second expedition:

  • I awoke to a variety of sounds: rain, nature and Worthy trying to pack up his tent with Shifty still inside it. When I finally got up I packed up my stuff and then we cooked breakfast. Hmmmm, Ready Brek and jam - or what was left of the jam after Sawood got 'hungry'.
  • We were the first group 'out' after we stuck to our plan wake up time and after Worthy was hovering about pointing at his watch and saying, "Ten minutes, then we're off!"
    In fact we would have left on time until Colin (soon to be renamed 'Colin the Cock') turned up. Worrall had gone off on holiday, so we were stuck with Colin.
  • At first it seemed to be a joke, but the route had us going through a field with horses. It wouldn't have seemed that bad if they hadn't of started charging about. At one point this horse bolted down to the furthest end of the field and then Sawood and I got the impression that it was coming our way and then we just ran. Lol. To make matters worse Colin was at the end of the field and told us we were walking down the wrong bit of the damn field. We were meant to walk down the middle! Yeah right, like he'd do that with horses flying about everywhere!!!
  • Worthy leading us down a long path which seemed to lead to no where, only to want to turn back to 'get to the footpath'. The group census was to scrap his plan and to just cross the farmer's field.
  • Finding out that one of the St John's people had stabbed themselves. Apparently they thought it would be a good idea to have their penknifes out and scare some cows. Unfortunately they did not think what to do if the cows charged at them, so one of them tripped up and stabbed themselves. Idiot.
  • 'Colin the cock' giving us a debriefing and not seeing that we couldn't care less and were freezing cold.

Well that was it. The second expedition, role on the third...


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