19 April 2006

Real, Final, Actual GCSE French Oral.

I had my real, final, actual GCSE French oral first thing. Well ok, not first thing, but at 9.20. It was actually better than I thought it would be - the role play and picture story that is, and I had Fred to accompany me in the DoE room. However when I actually had my oral I think that I messed up some of the questions. All in all I think that I will simply quote Scammell, "Are you ever going to speak French in later life?"

Geography was a cover, I went in late and didn't do much. Physics was funny, mainly because of the usual lack of control Birke has over the class. I don't think having a boring topic such as radiation helps either, when we can't actually do anything 'fun' - like experiments. English was doing some R+J revision. Maths was marking the tests and filling out our declaration forms. Drama was practising our play (which to be honest we really need to do). We also practised after school until six, yes I know but still I do think it was worth it. I'm more confident as we had some good run through with everyone knowing pretty much all of their lines. I was really surprised that I remembered all of my lines, apart from the three bits towards the end which I sort of know. Roll on Tuesday (or as it now seems Monday), or on second thoughts don't...


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