16 April 2006


Wooooo!!! It's Easter!!! I dunno why but when someone mentions it's Easter, it isn't all that good. I think it's overshadowed by like better holidays such as Christmas. You see at Christmas you get fat and get loads of presents, whereas at Easter you just get fat. On the upside you do get fat by gorging yourself on chocolate. Hmmmmm. Chocolate.

I'll tell you one thing that really annoys me, and that is Easter related. The religious aspect of it. I mean you can go to church at any other time of the year (apart from maybe Christmas) and there is loads of free space, in fact I could probably bring a sleeping bag and sleep through the mass. But no. Not at Easter. The church is packed with people that only ever turn up once a year and think they're God's gift. I should calm down, I have Art to be doing...


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