21 April 2006

Charging Electrons.

Assembly was rather poor, as there wasn't a hymn. There wasn't a hymn because Sparrow has since retired and no one it seems can master the organ, Oh well, no great loss then. Maths was doing another paper. French was supposed to be a cover, but wasn't. We spent almost all of the lesson preparing for a writing test, and then had to rush a test in at the end. Tech was a cover, and I didn't get much done at all.

Physics was funny. Birke doesn't really seem to have much control over the class. He also saw someone who should have handed some c/w into him, but didn't and did, what can only be described as, launching himself out of the window. Spraggo also said something which was more like a physics innuendo saying, "Does she charge your electrons sir?" I was surprised Birke man didn't explode or anything. Chem was doing some more work on purifying metals. There was also some dodgy experiment which didn't work the first time, but then suddenly pretty much exploded when Byfield was standing over it...


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