24 April 2006

Drama, Take One!

Before school I handed in my monumental 73 page, 17,000 word Techtronics c/w. I have to admit that I am really amazed that I ever got it done - the breadboarding was finished the day before the deadline, the prototype product was finished just before the deadline and the writeup was finished just before the deadline. In the sixth form (I will hopefully get back in) I will have to learn to stop leaving things to the last minute.

Art was spent, for me, researching the life of Van Gogh. It was actually really interesting doing this, as he had quite a troubled life. English seemed rather pointless. Granted it was a useful revision exercise, but we were told to copy out all of the chapter titles onto a page and then we had to write what was in them. By the end I had learnt a bit more about the book and had gained a bloody sore hand. French was mainly a listening test. Yawn.

RE was getting our tests back and making a revision sheet. We're with Bishop now, so on the home run to the RE exam, and all the exams in fact. Bio was watching this seriously funny video about nitrogen. I say funny, but nitrogen is not funny. It was the man narrating and 'acting' who was really funny. I swear old men like him don't exist in the real world. Chem was doing a practice paper, but I left early cos Byfield let Drama people go early (although we didn't really need to).

We, unfortunately were the last group to perform which meant watching all of the other groups and hanging around until 6pm. In a way it was good, because no one got to see how bad our group was. Scammell cut in saying our piece was too long and also that we still needed to learn some lines. He only cut in because Tom forgot his lines, I really hope he doesn't tomorrow...


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