27 April 2006

Revising Biology.

I was on a roll in Tech. We were looking over the mock paper, which I did well on (well, 35/50 well on). I actually (for once) knew what was going on and answered loads of questions. Wooooo!!! Go me!!!! Geography was the usual really, really interesting although bordering on chaos at times.

Drama was spent listening to Scammell telling us how to talk about lighting in our exams (although I am pretty sure that he told us never to touch such a question, even with a long pole). Bio was spent looking our how us humans are bad for the earth and then we were watching the video which we saw ages ago, although most people missed it because there were either in Sciliy or London. Instead our bench used the science laptops (yes, the horrible slow things) for revising 'Biology'. Yeah right...


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