26 April 2006

French Down, Drama Down, Art Still Ahead.

I awoke this morning feeling rather better than of late. I mean I don't have to worry about my French oral or my Drama exam. They're done. It's too late for me to do anything to change my mark. Art, however is still to happen. I have less than a week in fact. After that, then I'm free for about two weeks. Then it's my French listening test.

Geo was spent looking back over the work which we did when Service was away. We also then had to do a test. Physics was pretty much bog standard. English was revising poems from other cultures and then to my absolute surprise/amazement we had a section of silent revision while listening to music. WTF? Listening to music in English. I have to sit down for a bit. Maths was doing some graphical work. Drama was spent talking about what to put in our exam, the actual written one. In fact my last exam...


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