30 April 2006

The Royal Hunt Of The Sun.

Today was fairly normal until after my spell in the charity shop. I finished a bit early so that I could trek down to London with my parents to see the show that Scam told us that we had to see, The Royal Hunt of the Sun. So that's what I did. To make things better the tickets were only £10, which does beggar the question if the show is any good. Fortunately it was, and very good. In fact for the three of us to get down to the National Theatre was the same price as it was to get the tickets, which was really impressive. I got down to the Olivier Theatre for £2!!! Yes £2!!! And I didn't even have to sit on the roof.

I was however disappointing before the show had even started. Alun Armstrong was ill so he couldn't play one of the main roles. I really wanted to see him because he was/is awesome in New Tricks. His understudy was really good though, so it didn't really spoil it. The play was good, but the 'extra' bits were really impressive. I mean suddenly the cyclorama opened up and this sun appeared. That was really special/surprising because you couldn't tell that it was about to happen, it just did. There was also this really weird strobe death scene before the interval when all the Spanish people went around killing the Incas.

So at the beginning of the interval I got up and was about to go and get something to drink when I decided to turn around. It just so happened that the person like right next to me resembled Burcher, and really resembled Burcher. It was only when he said, "Hi," that I realised it was in fact Burcher. Bloody hell. What a coincidence! Anyway I got my drink and went back in the see the second half. It was just as good as the first half, and the ending was really moving. The sun rose again (which was still amazing to watch) and you expected the 'God' to rise from the dead, but he didn't. I must go and see it again...


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