04 May 2006

Four Sections Left.

So, four Tech lessons left - ever. I don't actually hate the subject, nor do I love it. It's one of those I like it sometimes and hate it sometimes lessons. We continued work on the mental spider diagram with all the production methods and general information. I say mental because it is a complete mess with words everywhere and lots of lines. Geography was looking over what we do for Paper Two, which for some unknown reason people got really confused over. All it is, is that there are four sections each with two questions, and we answer one from each section. Honestly it's not difficult!

Drama was a cover. We had to do several plans for essays. I spent ages on my The Royal Hunt of the Sun one, because it was so awesome. PSE was sitting doing nothing, so I read my copy of the script of TRHOTS. I also learnt that my work experience is at Britvic, with Cook! Sweet, roll on the drinks! I couldn't go to Bio because I had to go to the orthodontist. I don't know why I bother going, he doesn't actually do anything...


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