08 May 2006

Doodle 4 Google.

Art was a cover, because there is apparently some unimportant A level Art exam going on. I say unimportant because I'm not doing it next year, and because they probably thought the same about us during our exam. We didn't have any cover work set, but Wiltshire did drop off some work. Well, if you can call designing a doodle for Google work. I read about this comp ages ago, but didn't expect that we would have to do something for it in Art. Well I spent all the lesson doing it, and I think what I've come up with is ok, not good, but not bad.

English was watching a film version of FFMC. It wasn't exactly a MI:II or Saving Private Ryan sort of thing, well for one it doesn't take place during a World War, and nor do Sergant Troy and Boldwood have a shoot out in a chemical laboratory building for a disease which could potentially kill everyone on the planet. The 'special effects' were shocking to say the least, in their appallingness. I mean the sheep falling off the cliff were just plain funny.

French was spent preparing for our exam(s), but then Hagedorn allowed us some 'Free Willy'. Sorry, I just couldn't resist putting it like that. Then it was RE, which incidentally is my last RE lesson ever. Bio was revising the kidneys, while Chem was doign various revision stuff. So, this is the last week of school (before the exams)...


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