11 May 2006

A Slightly Surreal Day.

The penultimate day of Year 11 didn't exactly get off to a good start. When I got into school the fire alarm was going off. It was very odd, because no one in the school seemed to be taking any notice of it. I found Cook and he definitely could hear it, and so could Harris. Later on, Newmie rounded us up and we attempted to get to the form room and sent us to the playground, where the whole school waited.

It seemed to take forever for the damn 'engineer' to come and turn all of the alarms off. Eventually they were all off, and we could begin the day (damn! If they couldn't turn them off, we could have gone home). However the if there was a fire we wouldn't know so we were told that Walker would run around the school waving his bell and blowing a whistle. I wanted a fire to start, just so that I could see him do that.

There was only half of Tech, because of the long fire alarm. We didn't get much done, except fill out some declaration forms and hand back any school stuff that we have. Geo was certainly memorable to say the least. First up we watched a GCSE bitesize Geo video, and had to answer all the questions. Then we had to write down a 'geographical word' for each letter of the alphabet, which seems easy - but you try to get something for 'X' and 'Z'. As if that was not enough fun, Service had actually bought cakes for all of us and had (can you believe it!) put each of our names on one in icing. Now that is dedication!!!

Drama was a cover. I spent most of the lesson doing a 'quiz' with Bugg, Ambe and Carter, Morrell didn't mind, but Burcher got really annoyed when Fergie put crisps all over the floor. Well you would expect him to get really annoyed if someone did that! PSE was watching some rubbish Trident health and safety video. Bio was doing some final revision. So, it's the end of another era, last Biology lesson. It was also my last Drama lesson, but it won't really be my last because even though I'm not doing Drama as I'll still be on the 'Technical Team'...


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