12 May 2006

The Final Day Of Year 11.

So, it is finally here, the day I've been dreading since the beginning of Year 10. Before school there was an assembly with Walker, who (in a nutshell) told us to revise, beat last years GCSE record or else and to revise. He also told us that, "Things would never be the same again." I hate change, I don't want things to change, I like it how it is at the moment. I don't want people to leave, I don't want exams, why can't things just stay the same?

Maths was rather scary. Girdler didn't care that we didn't do any Maths at all. In fact she had some non Maths related puzzle cryptic stuff, like dingbats and something which was more intriguing/surprising. There was one sheet which was labelled 'Invigilators 2002' and you had to write down the correct chocolate bar for the cryptic description (e.g. wobbly children - jelly babies). So in fact the invigilators do not have to walk up and down like fools, but can spend their time solving chocolate puzzles. Girdler also had sweets (I tell you, my teeth are going to rot at this rate...).

French was spent doing well no French, instead we watched 'Free Willy' which is a truly awful film. We also watched the beginning of Die Hard 2. I haven't seen it before, and didn't actually get to see much. But all that I did see was, who I assumed to be 'the bad guy' doing yoga naked in from of a mirror. Hmmm. Interesting. And so, the end of another era. No more French, it's a great feeling - but sad in a way, as I can't say out loud, "I hate French with a burning passion."

Tech was probably one of the best lessons ever. We had the lesson outside and Bunting was surprisingly relaxed despite the fact that it was obvious that people didn't know any Tech. Every time someone got something right she lobed a lollipop at them. Yes, you read correct, a lollipop. If we had been given lollipops while we did our c/w we would all have done amazingly. By lunch I had already lost most of my teeth due to the excessive amount of sugar consumed.

We lost the last game of football, so I won't go into any detail. Physics was really laid back. I didn't do anything. Everyone seemed determined to get a picture of/with Mr Birke and he got really annoyed but refrained from exploding. Chemistry was quickly finishing the course, then eating various sweets, watching some experiment and getting a dose of Ricky Gervais in Extras. Well it beats the usual Red Dwarf science videos (ah! cannot stand that show!).

After school I played my (potentially final) game of football and then went home. But I was back later - A level Drama exam. They were really good, so it was good that I came back to see them...


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