07 June 2006

The End Of Biology.

I spent all morning revising for the pending Biology exam. I was rather annoyed though, I simply could not find my Yr 11 mock exam. I don't think I'd have thrown it away, I didn't get the best mark but it was still a 'high' 'A'. Well I found my Yr 10 paper and just checked that I could do it. I couldn't, so I specially revised the kidneys and the heart in the vain hope they would come up.

The exam was surprisingly do-able. I could actually do it, and I think/hope I got most of it correct. There were some dodgy questions, like the carbon question. I'm sure we haven't been taught that, and my answer about bacteria digesting them is probably wrong. There was also a funny question about lemmings. I dunno why, but for some reason I keep thinking that lemmings jump off cliffs? I almost put that as my answer for the why did their population decrease...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I've heard Craigy, absolutely no one got the carbon-compound decomposer question. That's good because it means they should lower the grade boundaries, easy A* there!


7/6/06 5:46 pm  

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