09 June 2006

World Cup 2006!!!

Well, we've all been waiting four years for it... THE WORLD CUP IS HERE!!! Time for the country to stand still and hope that we can win it, and then everyone feels depressed when we don't. Well the annoying thing is that I'll miss England's first match tomorrow, damn Farleigh!

Well today I went in only for the morning for French writing. French is the only subject which I don't actually care about. I would like to do well in it, and will 'try' but I really don't like it. The writing exam was quite good. The questions which I did were:
  • The visiting your grandmother question, I had revised stuff you do at home so 'passer l'aspirateur' came in handy.
  • The school question, I couldn't think of anything to put for the pen pal question, but for some reason 'demode' was stuck in my mind.

Oh well, no World Cup watching for me due to charity shops and exams...


Anonymous richard said...

I can't watch the England match either as I can't rearrange my guitar lesson :(

9/6/06 7:43 pm  

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