12 June 2006

Maths Better, Geography Worse.

Today was a bit like last Monday, but in reverse, if that makes sense? Maths first, then Geography. The Maths paper I thought was much, much better than last week. I could do every single question which is probably a first. The 'hardest question' was just a circle equation which I had revised the night before. I'm hoping that I get something about 85-90% because I think I made a big mess of last weeks test. Everyone was saying that constructions and the like wouldn't come up, but it did.

After Maths it was time to do some Geo revision. Service had said earlier that we didn't need to learn case studies, but we had to have, "good knowledge." About what? Geography or case studies? Other people had claimed that a Geo teacher had said that farming and tourism were going to come up. So naturally I revised those topics more. Fat lot of good that was. The exam was on National Parks. It was the stupidest exam ever, there were a whole six marks on road planning. I'm hope I did well enough in last week's test...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I could tell the first question was more about roads than national parks.

Shame we never learnt a single thing about roads whilst we wasted all that time learning about coasts!


13/6/06 9:52 pm  

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