14 June 2006

R.I.P. GCSE Electronic Products.

After watching Harris getting a kick out of ripping all of his Chemistry notes it was (surprise, surprise) the Chemistry exam. I originally thought it was good, cos I could do it, but then we got to some 'dodgy' questions which I simply didn't have a clue about. There was that ripple one. I don't remember doing rocks? I might have done it in Year 9, but not 10 and 11? After this point I think it went a bit downhill. I was, for some reason completely stumped by the Haber process liquid/gas condensing question (I have done that question loads of times before). After about ten minutes I finally did it. So apart from those two questions I hope I got most of it right.

After this I was what could be described as 'at the mercy of Mrs Gray' which is not something good. I decided (possibly foolishly) to revise in the library. This seemed like a good idea until two history classes came into the library, Mr Gray's reading class (I can't believe they still do that!) and finally Mr Ham who also poked fun at the fact that I had loads to revise. He didn't just stroll (aka. glide) in, he did actually have a purpose, a lesson.

The Electronics exam wasn't that bad. There was a question on soldering, one on Op Amps (bah!) and one on PICs. The dreaded 'domestic alarm system' question - which apparently didn't come up last time, I seemingly just imagined the smoke alarm question - was a bit poor. They asked what an 'anti scan' feature did. I blagged about it preventing picking up neighbours alarm systems and preventing interference. So that was it, two years and lots of sweat and blood THE END! Finally, no more Electronics. Physics next? Bring it on...


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