22 June 2006

These Are The Hands, That Built America.

I actually did something today, worthwhile. I decided to 'try' and remove the rust from the gate and repaint it. Well I managed to do a small part of that, as it took way, way longer than I imagined. Rust is surprisingly stubborn, and even with a power drill and a metal brush it wouldn't budge easily. In fact I quickly used all three of the batteries, and gave up on the cordless drill. Well I may be doing it tomorrow, the day after and the day after that. I can't leave it half painted/rusty and the other half bare metal.

Well a bit earlier I was at school, for Art. I cannot seem to get away from that! It was the Art exhibition. I found that all the art fell into three distinct categories: the good, the bad and the down right disturbing. Honestly, some of the stuff was really, really disturbing. Some of it was also really good, especially the sixth form stuff. I sort of want to do A Level Art, but it just seems like loads of work, and after two years of Art already...


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