21 June 2006

The Longest Day.

Today happens to be the longest day of the year. So let us all bask in the sunlight, after all from tomorrow the days are getting shorter. Yes, I know it's hard to believe but apparently they do. There must be some monkeys somewhere with stopwatches timing how long the sun is up or something? Well anyway loads of people were crowding around Stonehenge this morning watching the sun rise.

Today I did pretty much nothing. It's pretty good not having to do anything, like Art h/w or damn Tech c/w. Thinking about that do we ever get our Tech c/w back, I might try to make it work or just put it somewhere dark and never look at it again.

Well I was just thinking, it's almost two months to my birthday. So I better start thinking about what I want. I might need to rephrase that to 'what I want, within reason'. If I was asked about two days ago what I wanted it would be pretty simple, a MacBook (although unlike my current laptop, I would pay for most of it...). But since then Creative have a new mp3 player out and I saw something about a strange device called the Slingbox. This can stream stuff from your digibox over the internet, letting you watch tv anywhere with an internet connection. I'd prob use this more to watch tv anywhere in the house. Oh decisions, decisions. I do have two months though...


Anonymous Jamie said...

Yeh, that creative gadget may be cool, but I rekon the novilty of waching TV on a ~2.5" screen will soon wear off...

If you simply must watch TV around the house where there isn't a TV, then get the MacBook and get a TV tuner for it.. . Heck, get a PVR for it and have your own kinda Sky+ setup ;-)

21/6/06 11:28 pm  
Anonymous Chris said...

MacBook: Buying it burns your wallet, using it burns your legs.

25/6/06 8:51 pm  

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