20 June 2006

Work Experience Interview.

So straight away after finishing the exam into work experience. I had my interview today with the person who I am 'shadowing'. I'm not working in Britvic as I had thought earlier, because Trident contacted me last week saying that I had another one which I could do. I chose it because it was better, and because it is like next door to where my dad works.

So after lunch I went to the 'Advanced Test Centre' in deepest, darkest Great Baddow. After waiting a bit in reception someone came to take me, on what I would assume to just be a short trip to another room, but instead I was taken for a long stroll to a building as far away as it could be from reception. I'm glad I chose this one over the Britvic one, because I'll be working in an anechoic chamber. No, didn't expect you to understand what that is. Well nor did I before today. It's one of those rooms with funny sponge triangles everywhere, so there are no echoes and the like.

Well I start next week. It should be fun...


Anonymous Cook said...

You're not working at Britvic?!
Craig, how do you expect me to spend two weeks on my own with only hundreds and hundreds of bottles of Fanta for company?


22/6/06 8:33 pm  
Anonymous richard said...

I hear they make Pepsi too!

22/6/06 9:30 pm  
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11/7/06 11:26 am  

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