19 June 2006

School's Out For Summer!!!

Well I had my final exam today, Drama. Ok, maybe not not final ever exam, but my last GCSE exam. It wasn't that bad. The first question was a bit 'meaty' asking us to say how we would play Audrey or Peter over five scenes. I chose to do Peter. The second question which I did was the 'outstanding performance' question, which wanted you to talk about an actor which was (yes, you guessed it!) outstanding. I did this on Alun Armstrong in 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'. So this is it, the end. Now one looong summer holiday ahead, apart from work experience. Bah! I don't want to do it...


Anonymous Prasnth said...

and DofE!!

20/6/06 12:08 am  
Anonymous Cook said...

Craig! Who wouldn't want to go and work at Britvic?!

20/6/06 12:56 pm  
Blogger NYC Taxi Shots said...


20/6/06 3:59 pm  

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