17 June 2006

Art, An Encore.

Ok. So I may have been lying a little bit about saying that I will never do 'Art' again. I had to completely rebuild my box this afternoon cos it well, died. So this involved ripping everything out, spray painting again, glueing everything back in, weaving wire around everything and then spray painting. Well, that was the idea. I'm now left with two burns, one on each hand, but at least my box is now finished.

Everything was going to plan until I had to glue in the video tape. I had been using the glue gun for ages and it was dripping. (I think you can see where this is going...) So I just put lots of glue on the bottom of the tape and was taking it to the box to be pressed in place when. AHHHHH!!! Pain + heat!!! I don't want to go into details, but it weren't pretty. I never knew glue gun glue stuck so well to skin, which I only found out after I ripped a huge chunk of skin off. Well, at least it's done (fingers crossed)...


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