24 June 2006

Till Duty It Is Then.

Well another exciting charity shop stint beckons. What will happen today? Well nothing much really. Someone had left some Action Man stuff ('Action MAN!!!' said in an 'action' voice), which I had to sort out. This took forever to do, because they had about ten different sets all thrown together. In the end I gave up, I admit defeat. I could never see the appeal of Action Man, and decided not to spend a moment longer trying to sort it out. I just separated the figures, and bunged the rest in a bag labelled 'Assorted Action Man Stuff'.

To my surprise I was shown how to work the till, and was left to serve people. Well it beats sorting out damn Action Man dolls. It seemed really hard at first, but soon I was punching out receipts in no time at all. It was all going swimmingly until someone came in just as we were closing and bought some videos. The videos were 'BOGOF' (Buy One Get...) which I momentarily forgot, and the till couldn't handle me trying to cancel half the stuff I'd entered and just sat there bleeping. Stupid till...


Anonymous richard said...

Action Man Money Handler! Complete with till and small change!

24/6/06 10:13 pm  
Blogger Yasser said...

well you are lucky it wasnt the action man sale

25/6/06 9:15 pm  

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