05 July 2006

Day Eight: Radar Tower.

Well I arrived promptly at 8.30 am knowing that if the person who I am shadowing did not turn up I would have to sit around until about 10. This was because the other guy had to have another check up and I can't get into a locked building. So when it got to 8.40 I texted my Dad and he picked me up (again). This is probably one of the best things about working at Great Baddow, my Dad works on the same site so can send me/pick me up.

Well I went back again around 10.30 and still I couldn't get in. Well the (Romanian) customer was also there and found it funny of my dislike of the Portuguese football team. This was cut short when someone came in and told me that I had left my lights on, yes, of course how stupid of me to leave the lights on in my Romanian BMW. Right. Well he quickly ran out and turned it off, or else we'd have to push it back to Romania to get fixed.

Lunch came really early. Well it seemed that way because it was only an hour in. Then I didn't really have much to do for the rest of the day. I had a couple of cycles around the site, on the bike which they use when they can't be bothered to spend ten minutes walking to the main building. I also built a tower out of paper (good to see I'm not wasting my time...).

I also took a couple of pictures of the chamber, because Bunting said she 'would like' some. This was very funny because it says at reception 'No cameras allowed on the site'. Well there is actually a BAE Systems camera on the site, which was 'lost'. It was then found in someones home and then brought it. So I took a couple of pictures, and got some awesome shots of that massive tower outside...


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