01 July 2006

What A Day.

The day began really after lunch when I went to do my spell at Farleigh. It was surprisingly quiet in the shop, despite the fact that the match hadn't started yet. However loads of donations had already come in in the morning which I had to sort out, including the most LEGO I've ever seen in one place. Well after sorting it all out into boxes sealing them up, nothing much happened. I took the old stock off (twice - long story) and went home, after the match had started.

I was partly hoping for the score to be 1-0, or maybe even 2-0, but not it was 0-0. Then there was half time. Beckham off, because of an injury, then, Rooney off. Sent off. It looked a bit dodgy, so maybe a yellow card, but not a red. I sort of blame it on two things - Argentine ref and Ronaldo running up. Anyway did you see his wink afterwards? The next time he plays in England or meets Rooney - it ain't gonna be pretty.

Well it went up from that point and it looked like England might score. But no. Extra time - nothing. Then penalties, and we lose. Out. Well everyone says we didn't play well. Look at Lampard and Gerrard, every week they score in the Premiership, but not when we really need it. I guess we can wait another four years, everyone gets hyped up, then we get knocked out. And anyway, now Sven's gone, we don't get Scolari who seems to keep beating us, but Sven's right hand man, who seemingly helped make the decisions (which contributed to us being knocked out?).

Then, in Doctor Who, all hell breaks lose. Cybermen are back and supposedly 'invading Earth' and then, Daleks? I thought they were long gone, in fact they were - that is supposedly why the Doctor changed (apart from the fact he didn't want to get type cast). Well one thing is for certain, England are out...


Anonymous Harris said...

We Woz Robbed

OK, I guess we can't say that _every_ time we loose an int. game...

1/7/06 11:12 pm  

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