28 June 2006

Day Three: Problems On The Horizon.

Before I begin can I just say two things:
  1. I am not changing the format of this blog for a while, because it has taken ages to get the current format 'right'. I probably will change it, but not for a few months.
  2. Cook asked what do the people I am 'working with' actually do. Well, in a nutshell they test antennas. They need to make sure that the stuff will work as it's meant to, and if necessary will fiddle about with it.

Well when I got there this morning I arrived at the reception, got my pass and then was taken to the building. It makes no sense. The building is possibly as far away as possible from the entrance to the site. Why? Well I began by finishing reading the antenna stuff I was given yesterday. Then there was a lot of waiting for the 'customer' who was watching the tests and then doing the 'fiddling'.

Soon it was lunchtime and down to the canteen. I (again) chose a sandwich, after being informed that it was probably lamb's testicles that were being served. Tasty. After lunch there was the (long) walk back. I was 'given' a laptop to do some modelling on. I had to follow a guide which was rubbish. It was impossible to follow, and no surprise then I messed up. The thing I had drawn was as far away from what I was meant to do as anything. I stopped following the guide, and actually managed to do it. So, based on the wasted hour: screw guides.

To end the day the chamber suddenly stopped working, which was accompanied by a profanity being shouted out. It was pretty funny, the computer just sat there bleeping. Hmmmm. A bit like that till? They must be related. Well after this I left. Another thing that wasn't working was the phones. You can't call to anyone out of the site, and people outside can only contact people on the site through 'Marion who connects them manually'. What does this mean? She runs around with a phone on a long cable every time someone calls?

I've got to say that the work experience isn't that bad, I thought it'd be terrible, but it isn't really...


Anonymous richard said...

I've got to say that the work experience isn't that bad, I thought it'd be terrible, but it isn't really...

I agree. I've had six days now, and while it is very tiring, and there have been moments when I just want to scream at the children to shut the hell up and sit down, I always walk out of the place happy, thinking "well that wasn't too bad." I'm enjoying it really, it's just the afternoons are far worse than the mornings.

29/6/06 5:54 pm  
Anonymous Cook said...

Cheers for the info on your workplace.
It was "wickedcool"

29/6/06 7:51 pm  

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