30 June 2006

Day Five: Half Time.

I was lucky this morning. Just as we pulled into the car park I was able to 'run' and get my lift to the other end of the site. If I'd have been literally ten seconds later I would have had the brisk ten minute walk. Things weren't good though. Last night after I'd left the amplifier again blew. So it looked like I wouldn't have anything much to do in the morning.

Well that soon changed after I was informed that someone from my school was coming to check on me. Someone called 'Telly', which I assumed was going to be Kelly. Well there are two ways of looking at this. I could get her to go into the chamber, suddenly close the door and put my knowledge from yesterday to turn it on and fry her. Alternatively I could use the 100 ton crane and dangle her from the ceiling.

Half an hour later the customer told me that the teacher had arrived and was looking in the chamber. So I popped my head around and, well Kelly has certainly 'shrunk'. Ok, it wasn't Kelly but Bunting. Well she was shown around, then had to interview me. She had this annoying form to fill out with stupid questions like, 'Are they treating you like an adult?' I felt like saying, 'No. Every time I get something wrong they beat me with sticks!'

Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how you look at it) Bunting talked me into considering Electronics A Level. So much that I could do it as a 'fifth subject'. Well I need to give this careful consideration. I'm really enjoying my placement, and do like Electronics (rephrase: do sometimes like...) so it would seem logical to continue with it. I dunno, I'll have to think hard about it.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! All the sandwiches had sold out in the canteen, so I faced the daunting prospect of eating something which they had cooked in the canteen. Following comments such as, "They give you salmonella," "Lambs' testicles" and, "Tastes absolute carp," I was pleasantly surprised. It was decent, but everyone else said it was unusual to taste ok. In a way it did taste like 'carp', it was fish.

After lunch I did two things. Firstly I had to make some strange A3/A2 sheets A4 sized. This wouldn't seem so bad, except that I had to use a photocopier. This meant copying the large sheets onto two smaller sheets, then sticking them together perfectly (as it was a ma-hous-sive graph) scanning them smaller, then enlarging them to A4 size. Well it took me ages to do the whole thing about fifteen times. Then I got to model the antenna I'm making next week on the computer to predict some of the results and I went home early. WOOOOOOOO...


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