29 June 2006

Day Four: At The Controls.

Damn. I just missed my lift this morning, so had a brisk ten minute stroll through the site wearing my 'Escort Required' pass. The morning was spent doing nothing. The amplifier again had broken, and after an hour of fixing it was connected to the equipment and caught fire. This was really funny because they hadn't even turned the computer on and it burst into flames. Well it could have been worse, then is an awful lot of flammable foam in that chamber.

Lunch was a sandwich, which again was a good choice. I was reliably informed that the hot stuff was 'minging'. The afternoon was better. The chamber was fixed and I got to operate the computer and the turntable. It was really difficult because it has to be run in MS DOS on a 100 MHz, 32 MB RAM PC which is painfully bad, which means typing in rubbish and having to wait an age to see if it likes what you have just typed. But it is seriously cool flipping all the switches and pressing the buttons and then seeing all the stuff moving about. Yeah, I know. I'm easily pleased...


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