03 July 2006

Day Six: Hospitalisation.

Well I got to the 'Advanced Technology Centre' a bit late this morning, not my fault mind. Well it didn't really matter. Everyone in the department were in hospital - bearing in mind there are two people in the department. One (who I am 'shadowing') had fallen down the stairs and the other had to have an X-Ray for something completely unrelated. This was unknown to reception, who promptly sent me to a locked building. Damn. Fortunately after going back to reception, then walking back the guy who had the X-Ray was back.

In short I didn't have much to do. I was going to build an antenna, but the man was in hospital. So not much was done. I did however get some lovely melons from the customer, but more on that another time. Also, since the last post Beckham has resigned as captain (though he still hopes to play) and apparently there is not rift between Ronaldo and Rooney. Yeah right...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dare say that there will be a punch up when the new season starts?

4/7/06 11:40 pm  

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