06 July 2006

Day Nine: Nearing The End.

Well, all was well today. The guy I was shadowing was back today after falling down the stairs, although calling him 'immobile' is an overstatement. I didn't really do that much in the morning, but did do general 'helpy' things. For instance I had to unpack three yacht antennas armed with only a pair of blunt scissors. I managed it in the end, without damaging the antennas (too much...), but having to get through loads of tape with blunt scissors is 'difficult'.

Lunch was later than normal due to one fact. The 'Microwave Antenna Test Facility' is a dictatorship, ie. what the boss says gets done. We were all going to go to the canteen after the current test had finished and the next one had been started, however it became apparent that it would take too long. We (the person whom I am shadowing and me) finally convinced the customer to go to the canteen, which was 3 against 1. In any normal democracy we would have gone to lunch, but we would all go to lunch together. So we had to wait ages. Well it did save time later, but we were damn hungry.

The afternoon was pretty much the same as the morning. We attached some strange stuff to the antenna - which was when I had to vault across the chamber. I was the only person who could get the foam needles (as two people were on the antenna, and Andy (who fell down the stairs) could barely walk let alone jump across a large gap. Well I was surprised I actually made it, and it was damn good I did, as it would have damn hurt if I didn't. I also got to listen in to some people around the world talking to each other using amateur radios. They are pretty cool, and I might get one (though not for a couple of years, they cost like £800!!!). So, my two weeks are almost over, last day tomorrow...


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