07 July 2006

Day Ten: Some Advice.

Well my two weeks of work experience are over. I left at 5pm with three pieces of advice to use, and possibly treasure, in the rest of my life:
  1. Become a banker.
  2. Do not marry an American woman.
  3. Do not get involved with dodgy women.

Well, they might be useful later in life? The reasoning for the first piece of advice is that you get paid loads and will get a cheap mortgage. The second piece of advice is based on messy American divorce laws. The third, well I dunno. Depends how you define dodgy?

After having to run to get my lift in the morning, the marine antenna was put into the chamber. This took all of the morning, as everything had to be set up perfectly. And I mean PERFECTLY. The turntable had to be pointing in a exact direction, to three decimal places!!! It took me at least twenty minutes to get the antenna pointing at something like 155.133 degrees. You had to keep nudging it back and forwards. The antenna itself was only about 20kg, and proved pretty impossible. I dunno how on earth they managed to do it with the 2 ton antenna last week.

At 12 noon the fire alarm went off, so we had to evacuate the building. Unknown to us it was the 7/7 two minute silence. The fire alarm was meant to sound for three seconds, then turn off. Well it doesn't in the building, so we all had to leave thinking there was a fire. I mean it would have been nice if reception could have told us beforehand?

After risking what looked like fish at lunch, there wasn't that much to do in the afternoon. Well it's over now. I actually really enjoyed it, it was pretty cool. Now time for one looong holiday.


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