13 July 2006

Dark Side Of The Moon.

I haven't really blogged lately, partly because I've not really done that much and partly because I've been sat in front of my laptop frantically burning music, then ripping it again. No I haven't gone mad, I need to get my music from DRMed WMA to DRMless MP3 (because of a future MacBook? Here's hoping! And so I can put it on other computers more easily). Well even with my small library of about 500-600 songs it has taken a while (even longer if there was the CTRL-C and CTRL-V shortcuts).

Well it isn't all that bad. I've had a chance to listen to ALL of my music collection, and I've 'found' lots of songs and albums that I'd forgotten completely about. I've also had a chance to rip some other music which is lying around the house. I really like The Eagles greatest hits album and also, surprisingly, found Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. I heard about this on the radio when it was voted 'The piece of music which changed my life'. Well to be honest it's actually an album, so it couldn't have won it - but it did. Well I've gotta say I really like it. I'm not really sure about 'changing my life' but I guess it's pretty close. I particularly like 'Breathe', 'Time' and 'Money'. Well back to burning and ripping music, I've only got about 20 songs to go...


Anonymous Cook said...

Ah, the dark side of the moon..
One of the greatest albums that I don't actually have.
The Great Gig In The Sky is an amazing song, though.

14/7/06 3:28 pm  

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