09 July 2006


I wasn't planning on posting, but after watching the World Cup final I had to. Well I missed the first half, because of church, but was back in time for the second half. It didn't seem like I missed much, one goal each to France and Italy. I think that I wanted France to win, well to be honest I wanted England to win, but some things just don't happen. One thing to note though, the ref is the same ref who sent Rooney off last week.

Italy were denied a goal, because they were offside. France still looked like they could win. 90 minutes up, still level, extra time, still level. Then suddenly Zinedine Zidane went, well seemingly mental. He was being tugged by some player, then they exchanged some words and he suddenly turned and head butted the player! What was he thinking??? It looked like he got away with it, but then the Argentine ref (who was obviously itching to hand out a red card) sent him off. What was he thinking???

So the World Cup final was to be decided on penalties. France lost, though they played better, even with Zidane's moment of sheer madness. Well the world is an unfair place. Still, it's only another four years, not long. We can all get some relief at the situation Italian football is in back home. There is some massive corruption scandal where pretty much all the top clubs could find themselves in the third division. That should be a laugh...


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