14 July 2006

Mozilla Firefox.

I know I've said that I'd never do this ever, but I have finally done it. I'VE SWITCHED TO FIREFOX!!! There. It's out. I've done it. Well I switched for a couple of reasons:
  1. I do not like the look of IE 7. In fact I cannot stand it. I installed the beta of it and within ten minutes took it off again. It is likely that Microsoft would make it a 'compulsory' update and I would have to use it.
  2. Hopefully I will convince my parents to let my get a MacBook, and well, IE doesn't run on Mac OS X. Firefox does however, on PC, Mac and Linux. Also Google makes an extension which constantly syncs all the browsers, so stuff like my bookmarks are the same everywhere.
  3. You can customise Firefox with themes. One of the reasons I didn't like it when I first installed it, ages ago, was that it looked horrible. I found a nice theme for Firefox which sort of looks like Safari on Mac, which looks pretty cool.
It's also supposed to be more secure than IE, but that doesn't really matter to me. I still have to use IE for some things unfortunately, as some pages look positively dodgy and some don't even load at all. Well I better do some more burning/ripping, I haven't done any since yesterday and am sooooo close to finishing...


Anonymous tsim said...

another man converted, just like to say, what a great blog, and also isnt google browser sync just the greatest system ever? Never lose a bookmark again...

Plus I use the smae theme, great minds think alike, ifox isn't it?

Also, what is up with last.fm? I figured you'd probably know?!?! Major Update?

(Ready for Operation Depth Charge? Don't touch that dial… )

14/7/06 6:14 pm  
Anonymous richard said...

I use firefox mainly because my brother feels very passionately that everyone should..loser....but anyway, it's well wicked, like.

All should be now clear if you've looked since, Tsim.

14/7/06 9:40 pm  
Anonymous foxyboy said...

I've been using FF since the first alpha came out, and now I wouldn't be without it.

Until someon brings out a better browser FF will be my choice browser!

20/7/06 4:49 pm  

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