21 July 2006

Why Can't It Rain?

I've developed a solution for combating the heat. Sit in a fridge, or even better buy one of those freezer chests and lie down in one. Alright, alright. Maybe that might not work that well. I'm thinking about delaying the possibility of getting a MacBook (possibility' because I need 'permission' from the 'powers above') for an air con unit. Considering that some of the early MacBooks are dumping out heat, and air con unit may be better in this weather. I mean I could wait a few months I guess. Well at the very least I ought to get 'permission', while if I don't there will be an almighty strop on my part.

In other, but related news, it's only forty glorious days to my birthday. Ok, so this is pretty much related to the previous thing. Forty days to convince my parents, assuming I get a "I don't think so." Anyway, another 'stint' in the charity shop tomorrow. I was just thinking it's gonna be damn hot tomorrow in the back, but then remembered no. The door will probably be open, held open by the glorified bog roll holder (which can't be sold because it has an ash tray on top). Imagine that, someone goes to put their cigarette out and light their bog roll. Hilarious...


Anonymous Cook said...

If I recall correctly, Homer tried to "live in his fridge" to keep cool in the Simpsons. Unfortunately, it blew up the motor in the fridge.

His other solution was far more practical - buy a pool!

Pool party at Craig's house!

28/7/06 8:08 pm  

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