22 July 2006

WTF? Prehistoric Park.

When I got to the charity shop I was told one thing, "You're on till duty - all day." What??? It seemed a bit daunting to spend the entire day on the till, considering I had just about worked out what buttons to press and what each button did. In all it went pretty well, I didn't mess up once which was amazing. To make things even better there was one man who seemingly donated everything he owned. He literally spent half an hour bringing stuff in. Fortunately since I was on the till I didn't have to sort any of it out.

Later I was dragged along to Halfords to see some bikes. Not for me mind. Well after a while I muttered, "How much? This is going to affect my birthday present." Well somehow my mum said that I may still get, "An Apple computer." What??? (for the second time) How did she find out about me wanting one? Wow. Well maybe I might be able to get one, and without even telling them I want one!

Did anyone see that show on ITV called Prehistoric Park? I only watched it because I am getting sick on dancing, and the BBC are killing the whole idea. Maybe I should have watched it, it would probably have been less cringe worthy. Come on! The guy was 'tracking' dinosaurs and then running away from them. This would have been perfectly reasonable if they were real, but they weren't. He was running away from dinosaurs which didn't exist. Fool. I heard somewhere that ITV have spent about a million per episode. Well, they wasted their money...


Anonymous foxyboy said...

Your mum knows, because she's your mum...silly! :P heheh

23/7/06 2:02 am  

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