03 August 2006

Roll On August 7th!

Continuing with the last posts theme, my plans may change (again?) after August 7th. That's when the Apple World Wide Developer Conference is happening, and they may introduce new products. So I will definitely wait until then before making any definite decisions. Well as usual before 'rumoured product announcements' there are pictures floated around the web of possible new products, such as an Apple phone:

Well you never know, a possible Christmas present? Well there is also a banner from where the conference is to be held, more secrets revealed?

Hmmmm. Not really then. Roll on August 7th...


Anonymous tism said...

Woah, I thought that the iChat was real for a second there Craig, you made my heart skip a beat. :D

I'm assuming it's just a photoshop mockup then... but if things such as this are going to be revealed on August the 7th, then I agree, roll on August 7th!

3/8/06 10:37 pm  

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