25 August 2006

The NEW Solar System.

Cue the music. We have a NEW solar system. There are now twelve 'objects', better rewrite the textbooks then...


Anonymous Tism said...

I'm alright with adding or taking things away at the outermost planets, but Ceres? Where the hell did that thing come from?!?! The annoying thing is it's only sad lonely astronomers who actually care.

26/8/06 12:20 am  
Blogger Richard Cook said...

Hey, do you reckon that if I just say "I own 2003 UB313" before anyone else does then I can technically own it?

If so, then "I own 2003 UB313" and if you wanna go visit it, you gotta pay me some rent.

2/9/06 7:50 pm  

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