06 August 2006

WWDC Imminent...

It is almost here. The WWDC is less than twenty four glorious hours away. Not that it will really affect me, but you never know, Leopard may be released, I may get a MacBook, hopefully with Leopard. I say this because there is yet another banner, this time proclaiming Leopard to be 'Vista 2.0'. Ouch.

Maybe. I dunno. Well I'll find out by tomorrow. Probably all hype for nothing. I was at Heathrow this morning, sending my Dad to America again for business. He might bring me back something, I dunno, I like a MacBook? Well I still haven't told him, but I have left massive hints. In other news Jenson Button has finally won a Grand Prix, after about a million or so attempts. I don't want to spoil his victory in anyway, but I think the fact that pretty much everyone else broke down or spun off had something to do with it. Anyway roll on the WWDC, I can almost taste it...


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