07 August 2006

Oh. How Boring...

What a let down. Nothing really exciting released. No iPhone. No new iPods. There was a new Power Mac, sorry, Mac Pro (WTF???) that went from this:

To this:

It is quite an upgrade though internally, though it looks pretty much the same (bar a few ports and a second drive bay/slot/flap). It blows the Power Mac that we have at school out of the water. Then again it is a measly 1.8GHz G5, and this is two dual core 3GHz Xeons. There was also a 'sneak peek' at Leopard, which has some interesting features like a backup program, called 'Time Machine' (WTF???), and you can chat to people and have them see you with a picture or video background without blue/green screen. Cool. But why? Why would I actually need to use this? Hmmm...


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