21 August 2006

Typical WiFi...

Continuing along the line of previous posts - I haven't posted in a while. Well I have good reason this time, firstly I'm sort of on holiday in Scotland and secondly dial up is rubbish. Well I'm at my grandmothers and she (surprise, surprise) doesn't have broadband which I can get anytime I fancy, so I'm stuck on measly dial up. Well actually no, someone nearby has WiFi and I'm just out of range inside the house, but I can get it outside. Damn thick stone walls!!! So at the moment I am sitting outside in the garden on my laptop, wearing a coat and getting strange looks from people walking on the pavement.

It's getting quite cold now so I might stop. Anyway I will have to go home soon, cos well, something about results day? Damn, it's has come round too soon. I swear like only a few weeks ago I was doing my two Drama essays. Well I hope I get good grades, if not I'll be annoyed. If not, Tesco nightshift it is. Well I damn hope I get the grades...


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