24 August 2006

Pluto Ain't A Planet!

My mood this morning I think was best reflected in the weather. It was raining. There, so in a nutshell I wasn't feeling too good. I went in got my results, I'm happy. Yes, they could have been better, also they could have been worse but I'm pleased with them. Overall (counting last years statistics GCSE) I got five A*s, five As and two Bs. The one I am most pleased with is French. A'B'. Wow. I am amazed, possibly more is amazing is the breakdown of each part, I was graded 'a' for the speaking part. How??? I really messed up the speaking part I thought.

So I guess I managed to get back in. I needed roughly four As and four Bs. I got ten 'A' and above grades. So the pressure is off a bit, until A levels that is. Then (hopefully) university, then FREEDOM. Oh wait, I need to find a job. So no, the pressure is never really off.

In other news Pluto is now officially not a planet. Man, I feel sorry for that planet, sorry, no, for that 'thing'. So our Physics textbook was wrong, I can't remember correctly but now my Physics paper is also possibly wrong. Well it doesn't matter now, I got my double A* for the sciences...


Blogger Richard Cook said...

"I got five A*s, five As and two Bs. "

Good for you Craig!
I got similar results (5xA*, 4xA and 2xB) - but I see you managed to get one whole more grade than me?


24/8/06 6:38 pm  
Blogger Richard Cook said...

Ah, thinking about it now, it's probably Statistics..

24/8/06 6:39 pm  
Blogger matt292 said...

i got 5A*s 5As and a B.

So, you're similar to me, cook and ken. YAY. I got an A* in ART?! frick yeah! :)

anywho, good to see a lot of us should be back in the sixth form. and that thing about pluto sucks.

anyways..... bye

25/8/06 10:20 am  

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