28 August 2006

Apple MacBook Arriving Soon...

It's official, I'm getting a MacBook!!! Well actually I've got a MacBook - it just hasn't arrived yet, and won't for about a week or two. Oh well, isn't there something like 'good things come to those that wait?' So I'm getting a middle of the range model, with an 80GB hard drive (which brings it in line with the top standard configuration model, though it's white, and I'm not paying up to £100 more for black!!!). Then I'm upgrading the RAM myself to - 2GB. Sweet, this thing is gonna fly.

Now I've just got to learn an entire new operating system. I'm a bit annoyed that it's arriving in term time, so I won't really have time to play with it properly. Though it does give time for the other bits to come, like RAM and other stuff. I guess I'll have to wait, or maybe my iPod nano (2GB for £18!!!) might ship early...


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