05 September 2006

The Year 12 Induction Day.

Today didn't really seem to have much of a purpose. We went in and (in the usual fashion) we were warned to work hard or we would fail and face an untimely death at the hands of an axe wielding chipmunk. Ok, I added the last bit, but it was sort of like that.

Well after a lot of talking there was a 'buffet lunch' (read:dodgy sandwiches) and an icebreaker (read:pointless sheet, which no one in our form seemed to do properly). Oh yeah, I'm now in 12D with Burcher, so that's quite good.

Afterwards there was rounders. Yay. How fun (sarcasm). Also the caretakers have put a second bench in the Drama office, so we now have our own space for the shiny new iMacs. Just got to wait for some plugs though...


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