04 September 2006

R.I.P. Steve Irwin.

Damn stingrays. This morning one killed Steve Irwin. I have to admit I always thought he lived life a bit on the dangerous side, but still, stupid creatures. I loved his 'Crocodile Hunter' shows, though they haven't been on for a while. They'll probably show them again now.

Today I had to get a new blazer, which involved waiting for ages (ok, 1/2 hour at the most) in the foyer. All the teachers seemed to be in, as quite a few of them walked past smiling nervously at us. Well a couple did come over and say 'Hi' to me and a couple even told me 'Well done!'. I was a bit surprised at this, as I seemed to be the only one they were saying it to and although I had done 'well' it wasn't exactly outstandingly well.

Anyway it's the sixth form induction day thingy tomorrow. Should be 'fun', yeah, an hour and a half of rounders. I can't wait...


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