06 September 2006

Oh, no...

So this was the first proper day back. It sort of followed the same format as the last few years. We were given an awful lot of confusing and complicated paper and had to somehow find our timetables from it. Well I eventually got it, then we had to copy it out twice! Assembly was slightly unusual, we were 'upgraded' (ie. told to go and sit on the stage). It's actually worse than before cos there was no room leg room at all! You can't see anything either, except the back of people's heads.

Oh yeah, the reason for the title. My timetable isn't exactly the best thing in the world. I won't talk about the teachers, but I don't get to go home early on any day! To make things worse on Tuesday I have nothing on sections 3/4/5/6/7 and for the first bit I can't go out either!

Physics was first with Greenwood. He sees good, and we spent the whole lesson looking at what we will do (or at least attempt to do, not possibly successfully!). Chemistry was with Pearson. Pause. We went over some of what we will do, and also went over some Year 11 work. Games was badminton, which was cool. It wasn't though when Derek or is it Dave? Well we call him Yoda (he's short and flies about), when he decided to play against Chris and me. We lost pretty spectacularly...


Blogger ladybug said...

I'm glad yu play badminton. It's a lot of fun! Just practice harder so that next time you'll win against your opponents.

7/9/06 4:03 am  

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