07 September 2006

I Still Don't Like Heights.

I can see why we only have a whole school photograph every few years. It is simply chaos. For the first half an hour we kept going back and forwards, with some people being moved further back to the short end by one prefect, then five minutes later being moved back by another. Eventually we finally got to the actual scaffolding thing, then I released one small problem which I had overlooked. I don't do heights - period. Well I had to, reluctantly.

Possibly making up for it though was the fact that the old man who did it last time was still there and made a complete idiot out of himself. I didn't hear it myself but he apparently said, "Think of someone you like." I didn't hear it cos his megaphone wasn't very 'mega', it didn't seem to work at all.

Geo was ok. We just went over what we will be doing, and also began some work on rivers. Oh yeah, and we have a rivers test tomorrow. Girdler was more laid back than usual in Maths, which was rather surprising. We did some stuff on surds, which was good because I couldn't do them, and now I can, well sort of. Finally there was Physics in the computer room. We just had to watch and listen to the tutorial of the CD, which was funny when the narrator said, "This program has one big problem." Great...


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