27 September 2006

Damn Greenpeace.

I don't 'love my Mac', but I do think it is bloody good. I mean how can you love a computer? Fools I tell you! Ok, that's not the bit I don't like. It's the second bit. The very thing I'm typing on is a toxic time bomb waiting to explode any moment now? I don't think so. Anyway that website was probably designed on a Mac!

Assembly was another one of those stupid language assemblies. No, I don't care much for languages, in fact if I could I probably would have dropped them in Yr8. Oh yeah, and someone had an idea to say 'The Lord's Prayer' in German. Give that person a star! (Pause) I was a bit annoyed in Geography. I'd spent ages getting my film done in time for today's lesson, then we're told we have another week. Physics was a double looking at the CD. After doing this Ken and I began looking at ways to make loads of money fast, like making a material which was light but massively strong. It's a killer plan. Then in Chem Pearson realised no one knew how to do the Avogadro work. Oh yeah, and there was more badminton...


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