06 October 2006

Woot! A+!!!

Assembly was unusually funny. First off, no one knew when the hymn had actually started, so for like a solid minute there was just pure electric organ. That just sounds plain wrong. Then Walker began talking about 'healthy eating' stuff, so I think most people switched off. He mentioned Jamie Oliver. Not that fool again, because of him the canteen is rubbish, the drinks machines are rubbish and I hate him. I actually hate him.

Physics was a rather 'meaty' test. I was pretty annoyed, it wasn't really on calculating stuff like strain, stress or the Young Modulus which I can do. Maths was good, I say that mainly because I got an A+ for the h/w. Woot!!! Probably for the first and last time, but still. I wasn't really paying attention for the first bit of Geography, as I was (truthfully...) trying to work out what the heck was going on on the diagram Hitch had just given us, so when he asked me what happens in the summer I said "snowmelt". I didn't know it was meant to be about the UK! Chem was good, doing a couple of experiments, though there was smoke again (though this time there was meant to be smoke!)...


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