04 October 2006


Geography was pretty bog standard really, although we were given a bloody large amount of h/w. We do have all of new weeks lessons to do them though, as there is the Iceland trip. Physics was doing yet another (must have been about the fifth time at KEGS for me...) refraction/total internal reflection experiment, although this time we got to use the decent equipment. Chemistry too was doing an experiment. It was pretty funny when Chris and Robert did the opposite of what was on the sheet and their beaker started smoking and Pearson got a bit annoyed. Then again it was pretty funny. Oh yeah, and I sucked at badminton today. I couldn't hit anything really, I seem to go rubbish every other week...


Anonymous ladybug said...

Don't lose hope. Just practice harder and you'll get better at badminton. Good luck! :-D

5/10/06 5:27 am  

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